Teaching Philosophy

"If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing." -proverb from Zimbabwe

I strive to promote a positive and encouraging holistic learning environment for my students. I want my students to enjoy learning, and while structure and self-discipline are important, both will come more easily to an enthusiastic learner than to a reluctant one! I believe that everyone has the creative capacity to make music and as such, I am interested in supporting and guiding my students to express themselves musically.

I use the word "holistic" because I believe that musicality is informed by theory, history, and culture. I endeavor to include information on these areas when appropriate in order to broaden my students' knowledge and understanding of the pieces that they play, particularly with intermediate and advanced students. I encourage duet and ensemble playing in order to foster a sense of musical connection and community, and to teach ensemble performance skills.

My primary goal is to make music accessible for all. I welcome both serious and casual students; whether you're planning a solo career or if you haven't played in years and want to polish up your flute skills, there is a place for you in my studio.




30 minutes (recommended for younger students)   $30/lesson
45 minutes (recommended for older beginners)   $40/lesson
60 minutes (recommended for intermediate/advanced students)   $50/lesson